Monday, Oct 1st

October is here! and in case you didn’t notice it’s hot!

2 events you won’t want to miss today:

ASLA divider1:00 – 2:00 PM  Our second professional speakers brown bag lunch in Wurster 315a

Guests are  Brent Bucknum and Robert Glass from Hyphae Design Laboratory (
Hyphae is an ecological engineering, research and design firm dedicated to bridge the gap between innovative architecture and ecology. Come to hear about the role of landscape architecture in designing and developing novel systems and solutions such as green walls/roofs, biofilters, bioremediation, rain water/greywater re-use, and stormwater and wastewater management.
ASLA divider
6:05 – 7:00 PM Our October General Meeting, also in 315a
We will reflect on all the successful events from this past month, announce new roles, discuss issues affecting our studios, and gear up for upcoming events including Michael C. Gross’s appearance here
ASLA Bear Projection

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