ASLA@Berkeley Newsletter

Hey everyone, the next ASLA@Berkeley General Meeting is this coming Monday, November 4 at 1:30-2PM in 315C Wurster immediately following a special lecture by Michael Van Gessel from 12:30-1:30 in 315A.

A lot has happened since our last meeting, so we thought we would give a recap on what has happened so far this semester and to give  a glimpse of some in-progress projects that are happening! If you are interested in taking part in anything mentioned below, come sign up at the meeting or send one of the committee members an email.

A Message from the Executive Committee

Vote for ASLA@ Berkeley’s new logo!

Thanks to those who participated in last month’s logo design charrette. We have selected three representative logo options from the myriad of excellent options. Come see the contenders at Monday’s meeting and vote for your top choice. The winner will be further refined to become our new logo.


A Message from the Treasurer

plantsale-2(Picture taken by Mam Suteethorn)

ASLA@Berkeley had a successful plant sale this year, making about $300 of profit. This money along with our Graduate Assembly funding, which will be announced November 16, will be used to support ASLA events and snacks for general meetings. Thank you for all the dedicated volunteers, and we hope everyone enjoys their plants!

A winter plant sale at the beginning of the Spring Semester is currently under discussion, so please bring your ideas and suggestions to the Monday general meeting!


A Message from the Professional Committee

ASLA-Berkeley_Pro_speaker1(Picture taken by Daniel Prostak)

The Professional committee just kicked off their Professional Speaker Lunch Series with G.V. Chang from SWA talking about green infrastructure in practice. The event saw a sizeable turnout, but we would love to see more of you at the next event!

For the next Professional Speaker Lunch Series, Trudy Garber from the Trust for Public Land will be coming on Tuesday, Nov. 12, 11-12PM. Trudy graduated from the UC Berkeley MLA/MCP program in 2010.

Nathan Lozier from RHAA, will be coming Thurs, Nov. 21 from 7-9PM to give a workshop on portfolios. This will be a good chance to get your portfolios ready for the portfolio review event in the Spring Semester.

The Professional Committee is also looking for another undergraduate member for the committee! If interested, please contact any Professional Committee member to learn more!


A Message from the Social Committee

Good news from ASLA Social Committee! Student landscape designers needed for Blake Garden. We received a $2,000 TGIF grant to install a California native and drought tolerant student design at Blake Garden!

We would love your creative input and this is a great opportunity to learn new skills and what the process of post-design implementation can be. Please contact Kinya at if you would like to participate in this project.

We will schedule a charrette in the near future to solicit creative ideas and designs from students and interested community members to enhance the area around the newly constructed ADA accessible path. This path allows more people to experience Blake Garden and we would like to combine an attractive student-generated garden design with a viewshed of Cerrito Creek and the San Francisco Bay in the area that has been disturbed by construction.

The charrette will be scheduled at Blake Garden in November before Thanksgiving. If we cannot find a weekday time before 5pm that works for the majority of people, we will also hold an additional brainstorming event at Wurster and group site tour at Blake Garden. The charrette will include a tour of the design site, where constraints and opportunities will be identified. We will collectively brainstorm with a large base map and distribute smaller maps and markers so all participants can contribute ideas. There will also be books available for referencing California native and drought tolerant plants. We would like to have an after charrette celebratory wine and cheese toast.

After the charrette, the next step is compiling group ideas by the project leaders, Lauri, Kinya, and Miriam to create a schematic design. This schematic design can be further developed by other students, but feasibility must be reviewed by Lauri, the head gardener at Blake, before implementation. Once a planting plan is set, Lauri will offer a series of garden maintenance workshops to teach students about pruning techniques and other skills on the days we work to prepare the garden for planting and implement landscape interventions. The preparation and planting will occur during the rainy season, probably sometime between the months of December and February.


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