Nominations for 2014-2015 Officers open now

Elections for next year’s ASLA@Berkeley officers will take place this month. If you are interested in getting involved and want to learn more about the different committees and positions, please read the descriptions below.

Nominations are open thru March 10th 4th, 5pm. To nominate yourself or somebody else, please submit your nomination online at:

ASLA@Berkeley Officer Descriptions

Executive Committee officers may be graduate or undergraduate students.

In addition to the individual responsibilities listed below, the Execuvite Committee works together to establish the strategic direction for ASLA; coordinates communication between committees, facilitates student involvement in department activites such as open houses, orientation, and alumni events, and represents the department on the CED Graduate Student Council, the Graduate Assembly, and (potentially) the CED Undergraduate Student Council.

PRESIDENT  (current: Becky Lithander)

   – Schedules and runs executive, officer and department-wide ASLA at Berkeley meetings

   – Represents ASLA at Berkeley at meetings of the Northern California Chapter of ASLA

   – Represents ASLA at Berkeley at orientation and alumni events

   – PERKS: Free student membership in national ASLA, subscription to Landscape Architecture Magazine, and opportunities to network with Bay Area professionals and alumni

VICE-PRESIDENT  (current: Rae Ishee)

   – Assists the President in scheduling and running executive, officer, and department-wide meetings

   – Keeps track of the committees’ progress in planning activities, ensuring things happen!

   – Supports the rest of the Executive Committee in carrying out their responsibilities, as needed

-Graduate Assembly representative

TREASURER  (current: Jing Ma)

   – Oversees chapter finances, e.g., monitors chapter accounts, processes reimbursements, makes deposits and payments

   – Works with committees to develop and monitor budgets

   – Coordinates and submits grant applications

   – Oversees other fundraising activities

COMMUNICATIONS  (current: Yolanta Siu)

   – Promotes ASLA at Berkeley activities by maintaining and updating the ASLA at Berkeley website and bulletin board, making and posting fliers, etc.

   – Records and distributes notes from executive, officer and chapter meetings

   – Maintains an archive of chapter activities

   – Administers annual officer elections


(current: Marta Gual, Kinya Shiraishi, Mike Peterson, Veronica Wong)

Two graduate student officers and two undergraduate student officers.

The Service & Social Committee provides outlets for social interaction among students, particularly across disciplines, degrees, and classes, and organizes opportunities for students to work together to serve UC Berkeley and Bay Area communities, carrying on the legacy of the Landscape Progress Administration.


(current: Maël Castellan, Nate Kauffman, Miriam Eason, Mariel Steiner)

Two graduate design student officers and one graduate EP student officer and one undergraduate officer.

The Academic Committee represents students’ interests in academic, policy and administrative decision-making within LAEP and CED. Members of the committee act as student representatives on the LAEP Curriculum Committee, sit in on LAEP faculty meetings, and serve as members of the CED Graduate Student Council, which works with the Dean’s office on inter-departmental issues.


(current: Catherine Reibel, Daniel Prostak, Tanya Eggers)

Two graduate student officers and one or two undergraduate officer(s).

The professional committee promotes networking with local professionals, and coordinates events that help students learn about the possible career paths a landscape architecture degree provides and prepare for joining the professional community.


(current: Erik Jensen)

The IT Student Liaison communicates student IT issues and needs to the LAEP Chair and the CED IT. This position began in Spring 2013.


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