F a r m w a y s
+ Honorable Mention [first American entry to receive an honor], Vertical Cities Asia International Design Competition 2013 >>
+ by: Niknaz Aftahi, Minjae Ahn, Max Edwards, Luis Jaggy, Gabriel Kaprielian, Daniel Prostak, Rebecca Sunter
+ faculty advisor: Renee Chow

garden show gold medal garden show 3 garden show 2 garden show tubes

G r e e n  W a l l s  o f  C h i n a
+ Gold Medal, San Francisco Flower and Garden Show 2013
+ by: Tatyana Vashchenko, Yaeji Myung, Justin Oh, Wenpei Wang, Yessenia Castellanos, Gustavo, Tammy Lee, Tricia Tsuzuki, Tanya Eggers, and Yolanta Siu

+ article >>   |   time lapse video >>

p l a n t L A B
+ Award of Excellence, ASLA 2011 Student Collaboration Category
+ by: Mike Cook, Chris DeHenzel, Brian Gillett, Rockne Hanish, & Darryl Jones
+ faculty advisor: Judith Stilgenbauer

W u r s t e r s h i r e S a u c e
+ Honor Award, ASLA 2011 Student Collaboration Category
+ by: Chris DeHenzel, Brian Gillett, Robert Glass, Rockne Hanish, Molly Mehaffy, Alexis Opos, & William Smith
+ faculty advisor: Linda Jewell

T h e D o c k s : E n g a g i n g T h e E d g e At B r o o k l y n B a s i n
+ Honor Award, ASLA 2011 General Design Category >>
+ by: Michal Kapitulnik, Catherine McDonald, Alex Schuknecht, & Robert Tidmore
+ faculty advisor: Judith Stilgenbauer

Looking Back, 2011 Graduate’s Book

asla 2011


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