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ASLA@Berkeley Speaker Series presents Gensler | Mon, April 21st | 1PM


ASLA@Berkeley’s Professional Speaker Series welcomes Jim Jacobs, ASLA, and John Falconer, AIA,

Jim from Gensler’s San Francisco Planning Landscape Urban Strategy (PLUS) Studio and John, a studio director at Gensler’s San Ramon office join us for an interdisciplinary talk, highlighting projects and trends that blur the lines between traditionally separated fields. Landscape, EP, and MUD students, invite your architecture and DCRP friends too!

>> http://www.gensler.com



Monday, April 21st, 2014 @ 1:00 PM



Room 315A, Wurster Hall, College of Environmental Design



Jim is a Landscape Architect and Senior Project Designer with over 23 years of experience. His broad range of
experience includes institutional civic spaces, urban landscapes, transit-oriented corridors, national parks,
recreational/resort facilities, and residential developments.

John is a Studio Director with over 27 years of experience practicing corporate and commercial architecture in the San Francisco Bay Area. He has worked with a wide range of clients including Chevron, cloudera, Razorfish, Riverbed Technologies, AT&T and Shaklee. He also serves as Vice Chairman of the City of San Ramon’s Architectural Review Board.



Our Professional Speaker Brown Bag Lunch Series aims to allow students to learn about what is happening in our professional field. It also fosters discourse between students and exemplary professionals in diverse branches of landscape architecture, environmental planning, and urban design. The format is usually 60% of the time presentation, and 40% discussion and Q+A so bring your questions, viewpoints, and a bag lunch if you like.



Please direct any questions to Daniel Prostak djp[at]berkeley.edu






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ASLA@Berkeley presents Sarah Moos, Bionic | Mon, April 7th | 1PM


ASLA@Berkeley’s Professional Speaker Series welcomes back our very own Sarah Moos, whose currently an associate at Bionic in San Francisco practicing as a landscape architect and urban designer. Come learn about how Bionic brings together built and living systems through innovative environmental design. Sarah will share some of her professional projects and experiences in the field.



Monday, April 7th, 2014 @ 1:00 PM



Room 315A, Wurster Hall, College of Environmental Design




Sarah joined Bionic after a fellowship for SPUR (San Francisco Planning + Urban Research
Association) including critical analysis, planning, and design of underutilized spaces along the
Blue Greenway, a waterfront network trail in San Francisco. Since joining Bionic, Sarah has played
an integral role in the design and coordination for multiple complex projects at all scales.
Recently, Sarah received multiple design awards including honorable mentions for her
dual master’s thesis on activating remnant spaces in San Francisco in the Samsung
Everland Landscape Design Awards and the International Architectural Thesis Awards.
Sarah graduated with ASLA high honors from the University of California, Berkeley with
two master’s degrees in Landscape Architecture and Urban Design, and was awarded
the prestigious Leland H. Vaughan Scholarship for academic achievement.

>> http://bioniclandscape.com



Our Professional Speaker Brown Bag Lunch Series aims to allow students to learn about what is happening in our professional field. It also fosters discourse between students and exemplary professionals in diverse branches of landscape architecture, environmental planning, and urban design. The format is usually 60% of the time presentation, and 40% discussion and Q+A so bring your questions, viewpoints, and a bag lunch if you like.


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Oct 17| ASLA-NCC lecture on Sea Level Rise with Prof. Kristina Hill and other experts

Oct 17| ASLA-NCC lecture on Sea Level Rise with Prof. Kristina Hill and other experts

stormwaterbarrierDon’t miss our partner ASLA-NCC’s event, free for students with ID!

Thursday evening with our very own Kristina Hill along with Dilip Trivedi and Roger Leventhal. Break away from studio for an intriguing evening in SF.

Contact Daniel Prostak, djp[at]berkeley.edu, for any questions getting there from Berkeley.

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Rising Waters

In the Bay Area, the ocean and bay hold incredible power and ecological wealth, captivating residents and visitors. Yet as we revel in this spectacular marine setting there is an evident threat of rising waters. Join us as we explore with three experts in the field, how design professionals can and have responded and adapted to this challenge. The 2013 ASLA-NCC Lecture Series culminates with an investigation of Sea Level Rise and brings together: Professor Kristina Hill, UC Berkeley Landscape Architecture & Environmental Planning; Dilip Trivedi, Coastal Engineer for Moffatt & Nichol; and Roger Leventhal, Senior Engineer for Marin County.


Dilip Trivedi is Vice President and Coastal Engineer for Moffatt & Nichol in the San Francisco Bay Area.  His practice focuses on sea level rise planning, wetlands restoration, waterfront development, and public access. Dilip has served in an advisory capacity related to hydrodynamics and coastal engineering on several large marsh restoration projects in the San Francisco Bay Area, and has managed the design and analyses tasks for several urban redevelopment, wetlands restoration, and capital improvement projects including: Treasure Island, Candlestick/Hunter’s Point, and Oak to Ninth. He obtained Masters and Doctoral degrees from Texas A&M University in Ocean Engineering.

Dilip will present projects along Bay Area waterfronts where Moffatt & Nichol have addressed the challenges of uncertain future sea level. His projects are multidisciplinary involving engineers, landscape architects, and architects.

Kristina Hill is a researcher, designer, and professor in landscape-based urban design at UC Berkeley. She designs adaptations for urban water systems as drivers of biodiversity, health and social justice, specializing in adaptation to floods. She consults in the US and Europe, wrote and edited “Ecology and Design: Frameworks for Learning,” and lectures internationally. Her current book project is on adaptation of urban water systems to climate change. She holds a BS in geology, a Masters and PhD in landscape architecture from Harvard. Kristina taught and practiced in Seattle for ten years, working on salmon-related urban water projects and leading a new public agency.

She will speak on flood risks and the three main responses: super dikes, soft sand barriers and floodable greenways urban districts. If housing trends continue to put pressure on the Bay Area to develop, new coastal housing should be resilient to flooding, protect contaminated sites from erosion, and preserve marine ecosystems. This can be done by using a strategy of incrementally building “micro-polders” along the coast that are part housing, part park, and part marine reserve.

Roger Leventhal is Senior Engineer in the Marin County Public Works Flood Control Division within the Watershed Group. Roger has a BS in Geology and an MS in Hydraulics and Coastal Engineering from UC Berkeley and worked for over 20 years as a restoration design consultant prior to coming to Marin County in 2011.  He has designed and constructed numerous tidal wetlands and fluvial restoration projects around the Bay Area as a consulting engineer prior to joining Marin County. Roger is responsible for the assessment and engineering adaptation planning for sea level rise in the County. Eastern Marin County is especially vulnerable to sea level rise and is regularly flooded on the semi-annual astronomical high tides or “King Tides” even without storm inputs.

Roger will describe Marin County’s assessment and adaptation planning strategies for sea level rise.  He will demonstrate, with the Aramburu Island Beach Restoration Project, that in the right setting natural bay beaches are an effective means to combat wind-wave erosion and sea level rise, while providing habitat friendly shoreline stabilization.

When: Thursday, October 17th

Where: AIA San Francisco, 130 Sutter Street, Suite 600 

Reception: 6:30 – 7:00

Lecture / Discussion / Q & A: 7:00 – 9:00

Cost: ASLA Members $10, Non-members $15, Students with Curent I.D. Free

Register: CLICK HERE to register for the lecture

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Fall2013: 100 Years of Landscape Architecture @ UC Berkeley + Adaptive Metropolis Symposium

We are still young, but this autumn we are hitting the 100 year milestone. This will be a time full of events for students, educators, alumni, and the whole community. The fun is just beginning… come celebrate, reflect, and prepare for the most challenging century yet!

2 events not to miss this September:

Centennial Celebration

Thursday, 09/26/13 – 12/13/13
210 Wurster Hall


Adaptive Metropolis Symposium: User-Generated Urbanism

Friday, 09/27/13 8:00am – 09/29/13 4:00pm
Wurster Hall – Department of Landscape Architecture + Environmental Design

  • speakers-janette-large

    Alfredo Brillembourg

    Chair of Architecture & Urban Design at the Swiss Institute of Technology (ETH) in Zurich, Switzerland. Founding Partner of Urban-Think Tank

    Alfredo Brillembourg is the founding partner of Urban-Think Tank, an interdisciplinary design studio at the intersection of contemporary architecture and urbanism.More
  • speakers-janette-time

    Lisa Gansky

    Entrepreneur, author of The Mesh: Why The Future of Business is Sharing, and co-founder and chairman of Ofoto

    Lisa is an entrepreneur, investor and author of the bestselling book, The Mesh: Why the Future of Business is Sharing and the chief instigator of Mesh Labs. She works in the design of new products, services, partnerships and business models in which ‘access’ to goods, services and talent triumphs over the ownership of them’.More
  • speakers-janette-large

    Steven Johnson

    Best-selling author of 8 books on the intersection of science, technology, and personal experience, including Future Perfect, Where Good Ideas Come From, The Invention of Air, and The Ghost Map.

    Steven Johnson is the leading light of today’s interdisciplinary, collaborative, open-minded approach to innovation. More
  • speakers-janette-time

    Gil Penalosa

    Executive Director of 8-80 cities. Former Commissioner of Parks, Sport, and Recreation for the city of Bogota, Colombia.

    Gil Penalosa is the Executive Director of the Canadian non-profit 8-80 Cities, an organization that works to create vibrant and healthy communities for those ages 8 to 80. His focus is on parks and streets and realizing their potential as great public spaces. More
  • speakers-janette-time

    Louise Mozingo

    Professor of Landscape Architecture & Environmental Planning and Urban Design at UC Berkeley

    Louise Mozingo is a Professor in the Department of Landscape Architecture and Environmental Planning, a member of the Graduate Group in Urban Design of the College of Environmental Design, and Director of the American Studies program of the College of Letters and Sciences at the University of California, Berkeley. More
  • speakers-janette-large

    John Bela

    Principal & Co-Founder of Rebar Art & Design Studio

    John is a landscape architect and artist who creates original environments to deliver unique, inspiring experiences. John co-founded Rebar in 2005 and has created some of the firm’s most ground breaking and memorable work. More
  • speakers-janette-large

    Blaine Merker

    Principal & Co-Founder of Rebar Art & Design Studio

    As principal and co-founder of Rebar’s Art and Design Studio, Blaine combines a passion for the craft of making things with a design activist’s zeal for championing the culture of the commons. More
  • speakers-janette-large

    Matthew Passmore

    Principal & Co-Founder of Rebar Art & Design Studio

    Matthew is an artist, urban explorer and public space advocate. With a background in philosophy, filmmaking and law, he brings a multidisciplinary approach to creating innovative cultural projects all over the world. As a founder and principal at Rebar, Matthew initiated the first Rebar project, the Cabinet National Library, in 2004. More
  • speakers-janette-time

    Alexa Arena

    Vice President of Forest City San Francisco

    Alexa is the original visionary behind the 5M Project. She believes that the culture, diversity and connection in urban life generate social and economic value in communities. Alexa began working with Forest City 5+ years ago based on her desire to transform the development process into one of community building and shared value.More
  • speakers-janette-time

    Allison Arieff

    Editor + Content Strategist for SPUR

    Allison Arieff is Editor/Content Strategist for SPUR. She also writes about architecture and design for the New York Times. The former editor in chief of Dwell (and the magazine’s founding senior editor), Allison has contributed to numerous publications including Wired, The Atlantic Cities, Sunset, and the MIT Technology Review. More
  • speakers-janette-time

    Tobias Armborst

    Principal & Co-Founder of Interboro Partners. Assistant Professor of Architecture and Urban Studies at Vassar College in NY

    Tobias Armborst is an architect and urban designer. He is Principal and co-founder of Interboro Partners, a Brooklyn-based architecture, planning, and research firm that has won many awards for its innovative projects, More
  • speakers-janette-time

    Bryan Boyer

    Director of Strategy at Makeshift Society

    Bryan is interested in how buildings and cities are created, and the opportunities that they create. Most recently he was Strategic Design Lead at The Finnish Innovation Fund Sitra in Helsinki, Finland where he helped build Helsinki Design Lab into an internationally recognized platform for strategic design and social innovation. More
  • speakers-janette-time

    Douglas Burnham

    Founder and Principal of Envelope Architecture + Design

    Douglas Burnham is principal and founder of envelope a+d, a San Francisco Bay Area architecture and design firm whose work reconceptualizes modes of living and building in ways that advance new models of public/private space and compelling visions of the emerging urban condition. envelope a+d’s PROXY was a key project in the “Spontaneous Interventions” exhibition in the US Pavilion at the 2012 Venice Architecture Biennale.More
  • speakers-janette-time

    Caroline Chen

    Lecturer in Landscape Architecture & Environmental Planning at the University of California, Berkeley

    Caroline Chen teaches Theories of Landscape Architecture and Environmental Planning in the College of Environmental Design. She received her PhD in landscape architecture in 2012 at UC Berkeley for her dissertation on the appropriation of interstitial urban spaces by aging Chinese women in Beijing for health and dance. More
  • speakers-janette-time

    John Cary

    Executive Director of Autodesk Impact Design Foundation

    John Cary is a connector, writer, speaker, and curator focused on design for social change—including the design of products, spaces, and systems for the public good. By day, John is the founding executive director of the Autodesk Impact Design Foundation—a new, design-focused, philanthropic venture of Autodesk, Inc., a world leader in 3D design, engineering, and entertainment software. More
  • speakers-janette-time

    Noah Christman

    Public Programming Manager, SPUR

    Noah is responsible for overseeing the creation and execution of SPUR’s programming, tours and exhibitions. Noah has administered SPUR’s programs since March 2011, organizing more than 40 unique events each quarter. More
  • speakers-janette-time

    Carol Coletta

    Vice President/Communities and National Initiatives, The John S. and James L. Knight Foundation

    Carol Coletta, who joined Knight Foundation in 2013, is an expert on the development of cities. Coletta was director of ArtPlace, a unique public-private collaboration to accelerate creative placemaking in communities across the United States. ArtPlace brings together leading private foundations, the National Endowment for the Arts, other federal agencies and major banks. More
  • speakers-janette-time

    Benjamin Grant

    Public Realm & Urban Design Program Manager

    Benjamin Grant is a city planner, urban designer, curator and lecturer in the San Francisco Bay Area. He currently heads SPUR’s interagency Master Plan for Ocean Beach. He has developed exhibitions on a range of urban issues, including “Agents of Change,” a historical survey of San Francisco urbanism for the opening of the SPUR Urban Center.More
  • speakers-janette-time

    Nick Grossman

    Advocate-in-Residence at Union Square Ventures. Visiting scholar at the MIT Media Lab in the Center for Civic Media

    Nick Grossman is a technologist & entrepreneur focused on the intersection of the web and urban, social, and civic systems. For the past 10 years, he has developed software and media products, advocacy efforts and internet-based businesses that help cities and the internet work better together.More
  • speakers-janette-time

    Christopher Guillard

    Principal & Founding Partner, CMG Landscape Architecture

    Mr. Guillard is a founding partner of CMG Landscape Architecture and is an accomplished designer who is creating public landscapes of all types and scales. His work and research is focused on the value of public open space and urban landscapes that integrate multiple functions into communities.More
  • speakers-janette-time

    Daniel Homsey

    Director of the City of San Francisco’s Neighborhood Empowerment Network

    Daniel Homsey is the Director of Strategic Initiatives for the City Administrator’s Office of the City and County of San Francisco. A fourth generation San Franciscan who has a degree in Political Science from San Francisco State University, Mr. Homsey has spent the last 25 years as a communications professional in both the private and public sector.More
  • speakers-janette-time

    Jeffrey Hou

    Chair of Landscape Architecture at the University of Washington

    Prof. Hou has a multidisciplinary background in architecture, landscape architecture, planning, and public art. He is an associate Professor at the University of Washington in the Department and has taught in the Landscape Architecture department since 2001 where he served as the Graduate Program Coordinator, prior to becoming the Department Chair. More
  • speakers-janette-time

    Kristian Koreman

    Founder, ZUS [Zones Urbaines Sensibles]

    1978 / born in Nieuw Bergen (NL)
    1995-2000 / Landscape architecture, IAH Larenstein
    2001 / founded ZUS [Zones Urbaines Sensibles] with Elma van Boxel. More
  • speakers-janette-time

    Mike Lydon

    Principal of The Street Plans Collective

    Mike Lydon is a Principal with The Street Plans Collaborative, an international urban planning, design, and research-advocacy firm based in Miami and New York City. Mike is the creator and primary author of The Open Streets Project, Street Seats, and Tactical Urbanism: Short-term Action, Long-term Change Vol.1 and Vol. 2. More
  • speakers-janette-time

    Mark Miller

    CEO of MKThink, Director of Innovation Studio

    Mark Miller is an accomplished creative, entrepreneurial professional who founded and led the award winning businesses MKThink and Project FROG. He has an impressive history serving multiple corporate leadership roles including Founder, Chairman and CEO positions steering the companies to commercial and industry respected success.More
  • speakers-janette-time

    Aaron Naparstek

    Founder of Streetsblog. MIT’s City Design and Development Group

    Based in Brooklyn, New York, Aaron Naparstek’s journalism, advocacy and community organizing work has been instrumental in growing the bicycle network, removing motor vehicles from parks, and developing new public plazas, car-free streets and life-saving traffic-calming measures across all five boroughs.More
  • speakers-janette-large

    Chelina Odbert

    Co-founder and Executive Director of Kounkuey Design Initiative

    Since 2006, Chelina has worked with community members in the slum of Kibera, Nairobi to design and implement a masterplanned network of “Productive Public Spaces” (PPS) — open spaces that link physical upgrading to micro-enterprise and community development. More
  • speakers-janette-time

    Liz Ogbu

    Environments Director, IDEO.org

    A designer, social innovator, and urban strategist, Liz is an expert on sustainable design and spatial innovation in challenged urban environments globally. From designing shelters for immigrant day laborers in the U.S. to a water and health social enterprise for low-income Kenyans, Liz has a long history of engagement in the design for social impact movement. More
  • speakers-janette-time

    Dan Parham

    Co-Founder of CEO of Neighborland

    Dan Parham co-founded Neighborland with Candy Chang and Tee Parham. Neighborland’s mission is to empower people to take action on local issues. It’s a set of civic engagement tools for residents and organizations to build healthy, vibrant, and resilient cities together.More
  • speakers-janette-time

    Jamie Parks

    Complete Streets Project Manager with the City of Oakland

    Jamie Parks is a Senior Transportation Planner with the City of Oakland, and works on a range of City-wide transportation policy, planning, and implementation issues. Current projects include establishing traffic signal timing policy to accommodate all modes, bikeway corridor planning, and development review policy reform. More
  • speakers-janette-time

    David de la Pena

    Assistant Professor of Landscape Architecture at the University of California, Davis

    David received his PhD in landscape architecture at UC Berkeley in 2013 focused on the topic of participatory urbanism. His primary research in Barcelona explores emerging modes of direct urban activism and community engagement in the context of the city’s current economic crisis. More
  • speakers-janette-time

    Ryan Reynolds

    Chair of Gap Filler Trust

    Ryan Reynolds is an electrical engineer who turned to performance studies, receiving his PhD from the University of Canterbury (Christchurch New Zealand) in 2006 for putting forward a radical new theory of political action via performance. He now lectures in the Theatre and Film Studies department. More
  • speakers-janette-time

    Jeff Risom

    Partner, Gehl Architects, Head of Gehl Institute. MSc City Design and Social Science

    In his time at Gehl Architects, Jeff has worked with both public and private clients as well as non-governmental organizations in Europe, the USA, Latin America, India and China. Jeff aspires to promote quality of life through improvements in the built environment.More
  • speakers-janette-time

    Alison Sant

    Partner, Studio for Urban Projects

    Alison Sant is an artist, with a background in digital media, architecture, and urban art practice. Her work explores the city as both a site for investigation and intervention and focuses on the intersection of technology, architecture, and ecology.More
  • speakers-janette-time

    Grant Schlereth

    Senior Engineer | Infrastructure, ARUP

    Grant Schlereth is a Civil Engineer with international experience in engineering, construction and planning. Grant has a strong interest in the role of private finance in public infrastructure, informed through his involvement with one of the few Public Private Partnerships water projects in the US and leading portions of major California water and rail engineering projects. More
  • speakers-janette-time

    Ion Sorvin

    Founder of N55, Art Collective

    A Danish artist, activist and self-proclaimed ‘closet architect’, Sorvin lives out the summer months in a small houseboat moored at Copenhagen harbor. He kayaks every day, he is a respected in the local community, and with N55, the Copenhagen-based art collective, has been challenging conventional notions of living, architecture and land ownership.More
  • speakers-janette-time

    Clark Wilson

    Senior Urban Designer, US Environmental Protection Agency

    Clark Wilson is an urban designer with EPA’s Office of Sustainable Communities. At EPA, Mr. Wilson focuses his research and policy work on integrating green infrastructure into street and neighborhood design, and improving walkability in communities. More
  • speakers-janette-time

    Michael Yarne

    Executive Director of UP Urban. Partner at Build, Inc.

    In May 2012, Yarne completed four years of public service as Development Advisor in the San Francisco Mayor’s Office. In this role, he negotiated and secured approval of the 152-acre Parkmerced development, a 30-year phased project that will rebuild over 3,400 existing apartments, add over 5,600 new units and extend light rail into the heart of a new mixed-use community center.
    —-Content courtesy of the Adaptive Metropolis Symposium
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Anna Halprin / MATRIX 246 — Dance, Expression + Landscape Architecture

February 15–April 21, 2013 @ BAM
During the 1950s, a group of Beat poets, painters, environmentalists, composers,
and psychologists gathered together with choreographer Anna Halprin on an
outdoor dance deck in Marin County built by her husband, landscape architect
Lawrence Halprin, and experimented with developing new artistic forms that could
reflect the basic needs of human expression. As she later told her biographer
Janice Ross, “What we were all after was to have our art be more reflective of real
life issues and to do this we all tried to break down the aesthetic barriers we had
inherited. And since movement was my medium, out of that came a new kind of
realism.”1 Rejecting the hierarchy of the traditional dance company, the Halprins
began to organize these gatherings as workshops, using a term borrowed from the
Bauhaus curriculum.
Anna and Lawrence Halprin were eager to bridge the disparate communication
styles of the various workshop participants and create a common language. They
sought to develop a formal notational system that could be applied to many creative
endeavors—to make visible the process of gathering and selecting resources,
acting on those resources, and evaluating the results. Parades and Changes, first
performed in 1965, was the culmination of hundreds of workshop experimentations.
More than a piece of choreography, it is a compositional method. Taking its name
from everyday parades that ritualize daily existence and the changes that throw
these rituals into question, Parades and Changes can never be performed the
same way twice…

>> more [.pdf]

>> event website

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Lost in Translation: The Rewards and Travails of International Practice- Thur, Feb. 21

ASLA-NCC Presents the 2013 Lecture Series

Beijing France 

As the US economy struggles to reassert itself, American landscape architects have pursued international design commissions on a record scale. Through the use of case studies and cultural anecdotes, this presentation will explore the cumbersome yet rewarding (and sometimes humorous) work that several Bay Area firms are doing internationally. Topics will include design and planning opportunities, marketing, design process, and quality control of the built landscape.


David Meyer, ASLA.

In his 30-year career as a licensed landscape architect, David has directed the design and execution of many prestigious, award-winning projects throughout the world. Before co-founding Meyer + Silberberg – Land Architects in 2001 with Ramsey Silberberg, David was a partner at Peter Walker and Partners and co-founded the partnership of Schwartz Smith Meyer Landscape Architects with Martha Schwartz and Ken Smith. A Fellow of the American Academy in Rome and on the peer review board for the GSA, David is also an adjunct professor at UC Berkeley.

Rene Bihan, ASLA

René Bihan is the Managing Principal of SWA Group’s San Francisco office. SWA is an international Landscape Architecture, Urban Design and Planning firm with offices in California, Texas, and China. René is an accomplished Landscape Architect, Urban Designer and Educator interested in issues of Urbanism, Landscape Design, and their symbiotic relationship to dense urban cities. René is an active member of the Bay Area’s architecture and design community, having been a Commissioner for the San Francisco Arts Commission, sitting on the Civic Design Review Panel and a member of the Better Streets Advisory Committee. He has an in-depth familiarity with construction, studio arts, and contemporary architecture. René credits this varied background with his desire to synthesize conceptual ideas with practical solutions on a wide variety of development projects around the world.

Don Vita, ASLA

Don Vita is the founder of VITA Planning and Landscape Architecture. He has been practicing landscape architecture and land planning for over twenty-five years. His experience includes large-scale planning and resort design throughout the Pacific Rim, Hawai’i, Central/South America, India and Australia; new community development in the western U.S.; urban design, city planning and waterfront assignments in New York, Hong Kong, China and the Philippines; and landscape design for private estates throughout the U. S., Singapore and Hawaii. His extensive experience in designing successful plans for large-scale luxury resorts and golf communities is complemented by his education in Travel Industry Management as well as Landscape Architecture from Cornell University.


When: Thursday, February 21th

Where: AIA San Francisco, 130 Sutter Street, Suite 600 

Reception: 6:30 – 7:00 Lecture: 7:00 – 9:00

Cost: ASLA Members $10, Non-members $15, Students with i.d. Free

Register: CLICK HERE to register for the lecture.


To view past lectures on the ASLA-NCC website CLICK HERE.

 Thank you StopWaste.Org for generously sponsoring the Lecture Series.

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Feb 4 professional lunch series: SWA’s Justin Winters

Feb 4 professional lunch series: SWA's Justin Winters

Join us in Wurster Hall 315A, 1-2pm for our Professional Brown Bag Lunch Speaker Series’s February edition featuring Justin Winters

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LAEP Spring 2013 Lecture Series

Announcing the Landscape Architecture and Environmental Planning (LAEP) Spring 2013 Lecture Series.

To kick off the series, this Monday, February 4th is Ken Smith of WORKSHOP: Ken Smith Landscape Architect. In his lecture, Larger Landscapes, Smith will discuss several recent WORKSHOP projects of large scale. These landscape projects involve complex urban sites, with public clients and multiple constituencies, and are built in phases over time. For more on the talk, check here >>

Mark your calendars!

Landscape Architecture + Environmental Planning Lectures 2013 Spring @CED

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ASLA-NCC Mentorship program kicks off Thurs, Jan. 24th

Mentorship Program: Kick-Off Meeting

Dear ASLA Member, At long last the new ASLA-NCC Mentorship Program is set to take flight, and it is my pleasure to invite you to our kick-off meeting on January 24 at the San Francisco AIA office. The Mentorship Program has been in the making for two years, as we have listened to your requests and reviewed best practices from around the country in order to facilitate constructive professional connections for members like you. However, we are not done yet; for the program to reach its full potential, we need your participation. The mission of our Mentorship Program is to foster an exchange of ideas, expertise and camaraderie among Northern California landscape architecture professionals of all levels. The program organizes participants into small, regionally-defined groups of two to five ASLA members. Ideally, each group will include a senior practitioner (15+ years of experience), mid-level practitioners (5-15 years of experience), and entry level or Student ASLA members. In this scenario mentorship can happen on every level: each participant will have something to learn and something to teach.Your tenure and your specific experience in our profession make you uniquely qualified both to help another landscape architecture professional thrive, and to receive support in turn. Even if you have never been part of a mentoring relationship before, you can energize our new program with your ideas and insights. By coming to our kick-off meeting, you will have the opportunity to build your mentoring group from the ground up, matching your unique professional interests with the expertise and needs of others there and immediately beginning to reap the rewards of mentorship.Many ASLA-NCC members have already signed up to participate in the Mentorship Program, and it is not too late for you to join as well. You can learn further details about the program on our website, and sign up through that page. We welcome and encourage every member to engage in this valuable and highly rewarding program.

When: Thursday, January 24th

Where: AIA San Francisco, 130 Sutter Street, Suite 600

Reception: 6:30pm – 8:30pm

Cost: ASLA members may attend at no charge

Register: CLICK HERE

I look forward to seeing you on January 24 to celebrate the launch of our–your–new Mentorship Program. Best,

SV name

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ASLA Lecture: The Adaptive Metropolis, this Thurs! RSVP HERE

Join us for the first of ASLA-NCC’s 2013 Lecture Series
with guests Blaine Merker and John Bela,
UC Berkeley LAEP alums and lecturers, as well as co-founders of ReBAR
Thursday, January 17th 6:30 – 9:00 @ AIA-SF
Free for ASLA@Berkeley students! Details + RSVP below
Adaptive Metropolis 2 Adaptive Metropolis 3Adaptive Metropolis

The Adaptive Metropolis – Towards a User-Generated Urbanism

While some tactical urban interventions may be a new piece of source code that rewrites the instructions for building cities, many others are fleeting spectacles that sidestep the urban development long game. Yet a tactical approach is making its way into professional practice through parklets, pilots, trials, interim uses and pop-up projects. What’s the relationship between tactical interventions (sanctioned and otherwise) and long-term planning and citymaking? How can the profession of landscape architecture adapt to a user-generated urbanism and learn from the first drafts of design?

Rebar cofounders Blaine Merker and John Bela will discuss recent projects and design trends in the “adaptive metropolis”.


John Bela, ASLA, is a landscape architect, artist, curator and teacher with over a decade of experience creating public space, public art and community participation projects. A passionate urbanist, John focuses on catalyzing social and spatial innovation to create ecologically sound and socially just environments. John combines insight, humor, wit and rigor to create eye-opening events, spaces and experiences. As a Rebar founder and principal, he has spearheaded the evolution of the practice from tactical interventions to innovation in strategic planning processes to shaping city policy. John lectures and teaches worldwide, is a Senior Lecturer at the California College of Arts in San Francisco and a Distinguished Lecturer at the University of California, Berkeley.

Blaine Merker is on a mission to prototype new experiences that transform our interaction with public spaces. Trained as a designer and drawing on a deep interest in performance, history and human behavior, he considers how the making of shared space can secure unconventional rights like the opportunity to play and to view the world daily through fresh eyes. As a Rebar founder and principal, he brings fifteen years’ design experience on projects ranging from grassroots community builds to large-scale urban design, including creating Park(ing) Day, Commonspace, and the Parkcycle. Blaine teaches, writes and speaks about the practice of making as a radical challenge to the conventional creation of cities by professionals.

When: Thursday, January 17th

Where: AIA San Francisco, 130 Sutter Street, Suite 600 

Reception: 6:30 – 7:00 Lecture: 7:00 – 9:00

Cost: ASLA Members $10, Non-members $15, Students with i.d. Free

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